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Starting Bulbs in Pots

Get a head start with caladiums, cannas, blood lilies, and other summer bulbs by starting them now in pots.

Gather some 6- to 8-inch pots, and fill them with a good, well-drained potting media. Place a bulb or tuber in each pot, taking care to plant them at the correct depth and orientation. For caladiums, also use a sharp knife to remove the central eye on each tuber so that you’ll get fuller plants.

Place the pots where they’ll stay warm and receive adequate sunlight. Don’t forget to water them when the soil feels dry to the touch.

When temperatures start to rise, move the pots into the garden to help them get acclimated, and then plant them out in the landscape. By using this trick, you’ll be able to enjoy great color earlier in the season.


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