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Many Florida homeowners worry that their lawns ands landscapes are not getting enough water, but did you know that watering too much is just as damaging? Learning a few water-wise tips not only conserves this precious resource, it benefits your lawn as well. These stories provide you with practical tips that will help you save water and become Florida-Friendly.

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small photo of a control panel Setting Your Irrigation Controller

  • It's best to run your irrigation system manually in order to follow water restrictions, but if you must use the auto setting, here are a few tips.

small photo of watering can Ten Ways to Save Water

  • It doesn't take much to conserve water. Just a few extra steps on your part could save gallons—and dollars.

small photo of sprinkler head Saving Water Using Your Irrigation System

  • An automated irrigation system can help you save water, but only if it's operating properly. Learn how to calibrate your irrigation system.

small photo of dripping faucet by Dave Gostisha Dealing with Water Restrictions

  • Florida’s water management districts can restrict water use in order to ensure that we all have enough water. Learn how to cope.

small photo of two rain barrels Capturing Water with Rain Barrels

  • Need more water for your garden? For every inch of rain that falls in on 1,000 square feet of roof area, about 600 gallons of rainwater can be collected.

small photo of a lawn Improving Your Lawn's Drought Tolerance

  • A few simple management practices can help improve the drought tolerance of your turfgrass, no matter what species or cultivar you have.

small photo of an irrigation head Irrigation System Maintenance

  • Regular maintenance saves money; not only in water bills, but also on large repairs that result from neglecting the system.

small photo of a lawn mower Lawn Management During a Drought

  • Even with water restrictions, you can help your lawn survive periods of drought with a few maintenance steps.

small photo of water coming from a garden hose by Sophie CollinWhat is Drought?

Drought is not purely defined by lack of rain. Whenever human demands for water exceed the natural availability of water, the result is drought.

waterAll About Water Restrictions

Who creates Florida's watering restrictions, why, and how do you know when they're in effect? Learn about water management districts and how they affect you.

very close view of grass bladesA Better Lawn on Less Water

Don't let water restrictions worry you. Proper use of an automatic irrigation system can keep your lawn beautiful without wasting water.

small photo of butterflyProviding Water to Wildlife

Fresh water that’s accessible to wildlife can be hard to find during a drought. You can help and beautify your landscape at the same time.

small image of a nice lawnPlanning Your Landscape to Conserve Water

Use the principle "Right Plant, Right Place" in planning your landscape. Select plants whose needs match the conditions of your yard to save money and effort.

small photo of a wildfire Firewise Landscaping

  • Florida has been prone to wildfires in the last few years, and we can expect them to return. Your landscape can help protect your home.


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University of Georgia Drought Articles

The University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences also has several water conservation and drought articles that are available for use. Please provide attribution to UGA when using these articles.

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