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Plant Identification Learning Module:
Fruits & Nuts

Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

Pomegranate fruits are berries, brownish red to purple-black, to 5 inches, with a protruding calyx at the blossom end. The skin is leathery. The flesh is a juicy, edible, reddish pulp surrounding numerous, small, dark seeds. Leaves are dark green, glossy, simple, opposite or in whorls, small and somewhat narrow, oblong to oval, clustered on short branchlets. Pomegranate is grown mostly as a small ornamental tree or large shrub. Branches are slender and somewhat thorny. Blooms are a flaming orange-red, to 2.5 inches in diameter with crinkled petals and numerous stamens. Flowers are borne solitary or in small clusters.