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Success with Cuttings

One of the most important factors in successfully rooting cuttings is maintaining a moist and humid environment.

You can do this by placing the cuttings in pots of moist sand or potting soil, and covering them with a plastic bag, a clear plastic bin with a lid, or even an inverted two-liter bottle with the top cut off. This creates a "greenhouse" effect, keeping the air humid around the cuttings.

Be sure to keep cuttings in a cool, semi-shaded area to avoid cooking them.

A mist bed is another way to ensure cuttings don't dry out. This device features a nozzle that periodically puts out a small burst of mist. But a mist bed can be complicated (and expensive) to set up and maintain.

Some plants will root easily on their own, but other types need help. There are rooting hormones available that give the cutting a boost is growing roots.

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