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New Plants from Leaf Cuttings

Cuttings are an easy way to create new plants from the ones you already have. Many people use stem cuttings, but some plants can be propagated just from one leaf.

For sansevieria, cut a leaf into smaller pieces and insert the cut ends into a lightweight potting media. To speed up the process, try dipping the cuttings into a rooting hormone.

African violet, hoya, and peperomia will produce plantlets from a leaf and its petiole. Insert the petiole into the potting media so that the leaf base is just above the soil.

With large-leaved begonias, cut several major leaf veins and lay the leaves flat on the soil. New plants will form where you made the cuts.

In all cases, place the cuttings in bright, indirect light and keep the potting media moist until new plants develop.

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