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Garden Sheds

Garden sheds can be as simple as a prefabricated unit meant to store your tools, or as fanciful as a cottage-style potting shed, complete with sitting area for enjoying the view. Coordinate yours with the style of your garden or the design of your house.

Simple sheds can be purchased from most home and garden stores in a variety of sizes. Something more complex will require a little effort, either by you or a professional.

Before adding a shed to your garden, plan ahead. Check with your county and homeowner's association for any required permits. Consider how it will be used and where the best location would be. Will your structure be a centerpiece, or tucked away from view?

It should be placed on level ground and close to where your garden work will take place. Be sure to make a list of everything you’re planning on storing in the shed; this will help you determine how large of a structure you need. Additional features you might want to consider include adding access to power and water for convenience. 

Don't hesitate to call a professional if you need help. You'll want your little house to last as long as your big one.

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