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Worms are efficient eaters, and you can use them to convert kitchen scraps into compost through a process called vermicomposting. It reduces landfill waste and provides you with a great soil amendment.

Vermicomposting is fun and easy. You can construct your own worm bin or purchase a ready-made bin. Then you'll need worms, and red wigglers (also called redworms) are the kind you'll need.

Create bedding for your worms with non-toxic, fluffy materials like shredded newspaper, composted manure, peat moss, or any combination of these. Keep the bedding moist but not wet.

Your worms need a dark, cool place to work, so keep your bin out of the sun and make sure it has air holes. Once they're set up, one pound of worms can eat half a pound of food scraps every day!

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Red wriggler worms for composting by Jeff Schuler
Credit: Jeff Schuler

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