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FFL Principle 4: Mulch

Mulch is an attractive way to help control weeds, retain soil moisture, and moderate soil temperatures. It gives your landscape a neat, uniform appearance and is a Florida-friendly choice for hard-to-mow slopes and shady spots. Organic mulches can also help improve soil as they decompose.

Many different materials can be used for mulch. Choose environmentally friendly mulch made from melaleuca, eucalyptus, or pine straw or bark. Avoid using cypress mulch, which is often harvested from delicate wetlands.

Let fallen leaves stay under your trees to create self-mulching areas.

Cut down on mowing by replacing grass with mulch in shady areas where grass won't grow.

Apply mulch as needed to maintain a two- to three-inch layer, and pull it away from the base of plants to avoid disease.


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