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Plant Identification Learning Module:
Fruits & Nuts

Pear (Pyrus communis)

Pears may be oblong or nearly round. Typically the stem end is narrow, broadening at the base or blossom end. Fruit may be green, yellow, yellow with a red blush, or red. Like apples, the fruit are usually borne on short stems called spurs. The flesh is white, juicy and soft, with slightly gritty stone cells. However, some cultivars grown in Florida remain hard when ripe, and must be cooked to soften. The seeds and leaves are very similar to apple except that they lack fuzz and are smooth and shiny in appearance. Leaves are alternate, with serrate margins. Showy white flowers to ¾ inches appear in spring either before or when leaves emerge. Pear trees have a very upright habit of growth. Some pears are grown in north and central Florida.