University of Florida

Plant Identification Learning Module:
Fruits & Nuts

Apple (Malus domestica)

Apple fruits are round to slightly elongated and red, yellow or green in color. The flesh is crisp, white, and juicy. They are often borne on short stems known as spurs. The blossom end of the fruit may have 4 (sometimes 2 or 3) distinct lobes. The skin is smooth with prominent lenticels, or may be covered with tan corky tissue known as russett. Seed are hard, small, ovoid, pointed at one end, black or brown and shiny. Papery membranes surround the seeds. Leaves are oblong to oval, alternate, pointed, with serrate margins, soft textured with a fine fuzz giving a dull appearance. Flowers are cymes, white with red-pink underneath, with 5 petals. Tree size varies greatly but is usually relatively small with an upright to slightly spreading growth habit. Some apple varieties grow in north and central Florida.