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December 9, 2015

If you are anything like me, you are still rushing to finish your holiday shopping. Some people are impossible to shop for and other people are gardeners. You might be lucky enough to have a gardener on your "to buy for" list. If you do, here are some great gift ideas for the gardener in your life.

  • Hats — Find one with a wide brim and ventilation for long hours in the hot Florida sun.
  • Gloves — Every gardener needs new gloves; an active person can go through a pair in one season. Look for gloves that are nitrile coated in hard-to-lose colors like pink, red, or orange.
  • Watering can — A galvanized watering with a 2-3 gallon capacity would be appreciated by any gardener. The spout should have many small openings for gentle watering of seedlings and small plants.
  • Dibble or dibber — Used for planting seeds or transplants, this is a hand tool that every gardener should have. Select one in wood, metal, or plastic.
  • 2-gallon sprayer — A pump-up sprayer will put a fine mist of water on cuttings or your tropical plants. This will save your gardener from sore hands they'd get using a spray bottle for 30 minutes straight.
  • Journal — Gardeners love to take notes on when seeds are planted, when flowers bloom, and what chores need to be done when. Try to find a journal with plenty of space and information about gardening in the area.
  • Rain gauge — A device for measuring rainfall is needed for any garden or landscape. Choose one that has a capacity of more than 6 inches for those soaking rains that we get in the Florida summer.
  • Min-max thermometer — Thermometers with pretty pictures are great, but a serious gardener wants to know how cold it got in the night. Look for a U-shaped thermometer that will give the minimum and maximum for the day.
  • Hori Hori knife — This is a Japanese-designed knife that looks like a short butcher knife with serrated edges. These are great for dividing plants and for weeding. As an added bonus, they look really tough.
  • Trugs — Large containers to carry soil, compost, prunings, and weeds are always appreciated. Ones that are lightweight and have strong handles are the best for backyard use.
  • Folding saw — Gardeners will try to cut down a medium sized tree with a pair of loppers. Get them a folding saw so they won't have to ruin their loppers to get the job done. These fit easily in their pocket and make short work of small tree limbs.
  • Clippers (with the sheath) — Clippers are always the most appreciated gift. With clippers, it is true that you get what you pay for. Invest in a nice pair of by-pass clippers for the gardener in your life and they will never forget you come harvest time. Get the sheath too, so they can keep them on their belt and know where they are at all times.
  • Books and magazine subscriptions — These are perfect for the rainy days when your gardener can't get outside. Look for ones that are locally focused and heavy with information.

-- Happy holidays, Wendy Wilber

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