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New Gardening Web Tools

Gardening decisions are now easier with the release of new applications from the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. 

The Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Plant Guide features more than 400 Florida-Friendly plants that can be selected by their type, shape, and sun tolerance.  Each plant is accompanied by a color photo. The mobile web tool allows users to simply plug in their zip code to get specific gardening-zone recommendations for temperature tolerance and watering requirements.

The plant guide works on any device with a web-enabled browser, such as an iPhone, Android, or tablet. It has an annual cost of $1.99 a year and is available at Read more about the app at IFAS News.

The new mobile website, Landscape Pests (, helps users diagnosis and learn about common insect and mite pests found in Florida and elsewhere in the southeastern United States. Users can search for pests using menus based on plant host or damage symptom, as well as by common or scientific name. The site currently features nearly 300 pests, and will continue development to expand the numbers of pests, as well as search capability.

These two new mobile web tools join the UF/IFAS iPest apps in providing homeowners with easily accessible information on plants and pests. The iPest apps cost $1.99 each and are currently only available for iPhone.

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