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The Neighborhood Gardener – July

Happy gardening!

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Selecting Turfgrass

Zoysiagrass lawnDifferent lawngrasses require different levels of maintenance. You should realistically assess how much time, money, and work you can put into maintaining your lawn before you establish it. During times of drought or water shortages, selecting the right turfgrass for your site becomes even more critical. More

A Master Gardener's Mission to Africa

By Karen Stauderman
Niger Africa Volusia County Master Gardener Ken Kilner is headed to Niger, Africa to help with the Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer Program. He'll be teaching the benefits of mulching, crop rotation, and safer pest management alternatives in farming. More

Competing in the Plant ID & Judging Contest?

Are you assisting a 4-H judging team for the plant ID competition in July? Or organizing an MG team for the competition in October? Check out the Florida Plant Identification Module to help you with your "plant ID" skills. More

Plant of the Month: Dyckia

DyckiaOne of the most cold hardy types of bromeliad, dyckia is a tough, low-maintenance plant with spiky yet succulent leaves that can be grown outdoors throughout Florida. More

July in Your Garden

Prepare for hurricane season by checking trees for damaged or weakened branches and pruning if needed. Continue planting palms while the rainy season is in full swing. Support large palms with braces for 6-8 months after planting. Nails should not be driven directly into a palm trunk.

For more month-by-month gardening tips, check out the Florida Gardening Calendar. Three different editions of the calendar provide specific tips for each of Florida's gardening regions—North, Central, and South. More

Friend or Foe? Foe: Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become quite a problem in Florida.  Read more about these pests and a new resource from the EPA about bed bugs and control methods in the IFAS Pesticide Information Office's newsletter, "Chemically Speaking." More

Master Gardener Specialist Update

This month, we are featuring an update from Dr. Ed Gilman on the root systems of trees. He'll give recommendations on root treatments for planting time, as well as the years following. Learn the latest techniques to make your trees the healthiest and safest in the neighborhood. (Please note that this presentation requires the free Windows Media Player.) More

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