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The Neighborhood Gardener – October

The 2009 FYN Handbook is now available. Please contact your county Extension office to obtain copies.

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Soil pH

Soil pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. Homeowners and gardeners alike are interested in soil pH because it affects the growth and quality of landscape plants. Conduct a soil test before you establish a home landscape, and choose plants suited for your pH to create a healthy, vibrant Florida-Friendly landscape. More

Success Story: Duval County Railroad Garden Takes You Back in Time

Master Gardener working in gardenHistory has shown that the Duval County Master Gardener program is very successful. Now those Master Gardeners are working to keep history alive. More

Plant of the Month: Lion's Ear

Orange lion's ear flowerHailing from South Africa, this drought-tolerant perennial blooms in the fall, its clusters of fuzzy orange flowers attracting both butterflies and admiring glances. Cuttings can be used to make new plants, making lion's ear a great passalong plant. More

October in Your Garden

Prepare beds and set strawberry plants this month. Strawberries also make a colorful and tasty container planting. Provide daily watering until plants are established. This is the last month of the year to fertilize plants that aren’t performing as desired. Slow- or timed-release fertilizer provides nutrients over a longer period of time.

For more month-by-month gardening tips, check out the Florida Gardening Calendar. Three different editions of the calendar provide specific tips for each of Florida's gardening regions—North, Central, and South. More

Friend or Foe? Foe: Blister Beetle

blister beetleBlister beetles often damage alfalfa, beet, potato, tomato, and other crops by defoliation. In small gardens, it may be sufficient simply to pick the beetles from the plants. More

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