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Charlotte Master Gardeners Awarded

By Ralph E. Mitchell, Charlotte County Master Gardener Coordinator

Charlotte County Master Gardeners were recognized with an Award of Excellence for the Best County Newsletter in Florida at the 28th Annual Master Gardener Conference held in Coral Springs, October 20-22, 2008.

Our volunteers were thrilled and honored to receive this award!  Cultivated over the years by many fine volunteer writers and editorial staff, Charlotte's Garden has been a labor of love. The dedication, commitment, and timeliness shown by our Master Gardeners to produce such a fine quality publication is a testament to the overall outreach and impact that they provide the citizens of Charlotte County. 

Charlotte's Garden has become a key communication tool for our ninety-seven volunteers, and its present electronic format has made a great difference in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  While presently an internal newsletter just for Master Gardeners, plans are underway to expand its outreach as a public newsletter targeting our customers.

Our valued Master Gardener volunteers continue to assist consumers with research-based, unbiased information in all areas of home horticulture. 

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