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Tropical Sod Webworms

In the summertime, tropical sod webworms can attack the grasses in many Florida lawns. These hungry pests can quickly make a lawn look scalped.

The gray-green caterpillars grow up to an inch long and prefer feeding on St. Augustine, bermuda, and zoysia grasses. They feed at night and then curl up on the soil surface during the day.

If you think your lawn could be affected by tropical sod webworms, kneel down and check the grass blades for signs of chewing or scraping. Poke around in the grass to see if you can spot any webworms. You can also do a soap drench test to help flush out any insects hiding in the thatch.

The good news is that the grass should recover from the damage, as long as you continue to irrigate it properly and keep it healthy.

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