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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes aren't just an itchy nuisance, they transmit diseases like encephalitis, and controlling them is a constant battle during the warm months in Florida.

Many commercial products are available to homeowners, but your best bet for control is to prevent infestations. Look for containers with standing water in your landscape and empty them out, and ask your neighbors to do the same. Clean debris from your rain gutters and eliminate standing water on flat roofs, air conditioning units, and other structures. Remember to fix leaky pipes or faucets. Change the water in birdbaths weekly and in outdoor pet bowls daily.

Some mosquito species breed specifically in bromeliads; these and other water holding plants should be flushed regularly with clean water.

Stock ornamental ponds with Gambusia fish that feed on mosquito larvae. And look for products containing the bacteria "B.t." for water areas that can't be drained.


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