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Anticipating Insect Pests

We all want our landscapes to be our little slice of paradise. The problem is that sometimes insect and disease problems damage or even kill some of our plants.

The best way to deal with garden and lawn pests is before they become a problem. Find out what types of pests like your plants. Check your plants regularly. Make it a habit to walk around your yard every few weeks and examine your plants closely.

We know certain plants have key pest problems. If you're already on the lookout for these pests, you can avoid serious damage to your plants and may be able to avoid spraying at all.

Treat problems early. The early stages of insect infestations can be addressed by picking off insects by hand, pruning the plant, or spot treating.

This is just part of an integrated pest management (IPM) plan, which helps to keep our plants in acceptable condition without damaging our environment. By practicing IPM you can be protect your plants and our world.


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