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Sun and Heat Protection

Even native Floridians can be overcome by the heat of summer. When working in the yard, be sure to protect yourself (and your family) from heat stress and sunburn.

A hat is a must, as is sunscreen. Always apply sunscreen to exposed skin before working outside. Even a few minutes in the sun can burn unprotected skin. And it can't be said enough: reapply often! Long sleeves and pants may seem counterintuitive, but lightweight, light-colored clothing will keep you cool while still protecting your skin.

Don't stay outside for too long, and remember to take breaks often to rest and cool off. Keep water nearby, and drink—even if you don't feel thirsty. Learn the signs of heat-related illness.

If you can, work outside in the early morning before the heat of the day becomes oppressive. The evenings might be cool enough for gardening, but you may have to contend with mosquitoes.


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