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Plant Trademarks

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A single plant can go by many names, including its trademarked name. Knock Out™ roses and Encore™ azaleas are good examples of plant trademarks that have gained widespread familiarity.

Put simply, a trademark is a name, word, or symbol that companies can apply to their product to help distinguish it from other similar products on the market. In written publications, trademarked plant names are followed by a small "TM" for "trademark" or a small "R" for "registered trademark."

Plant companies use punchy and descriptive names to catch people's attention. For example, if you hear about Endless Summer™ hydrangeas, you can guess that they'll keep blooming through the summer. The goal of this branding is to have gardeners remember their favorite plants and ask for them by name.

Coleus Lancelot Velvet Mocha
Lancelot Velvet Mocha™ Coleus

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