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Salt-Tolerant Plants

One of Florida's many charms is that no matter where you are, there's likely to be a beach nearby. But this confluence of salty soil and sea spray does affect what plants will—and won't—succeed. If you live close to the ocean, be sure to choose salt-tolerant plants for your landscape.

Plants installed within about one-eighth of a mile of saltwater coasts should be at least somewhat salt-tolerant. Salt-tolerant plants can have varying degrees of tolerance, so choose and place them carefully.

Keep in mind that many native plants already growing on coastal lands are highly salt-tolerant, and could be incorporated into your landscape.

When selecting plants for your coastal site, look at more than just salt tolerance. Cold weather might impact tropical plantings in North and Central Florida, and light and soil are always important factors to consider.

To discover what plants will thrive in your landscape, contact your county Extension office or look for Florida-specific books and websites.


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