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Tomato Varieties for Florida

With so many varieties to choose from, how do you know which tomatoes are the best to grow?

Look for varieties that are suited for Florida and are resistant to problems like nematodes, bacterial diseases, and viral diseases. These qualities are usually noted on the label by two- or three-letter abbreviations.

Some recommended varieties include 'Better Boy', 'Celebrity', and 'Amelia'. Recommended heirloom varieties include 'Cherokee Purple', 'Green Zebra', and 'Mortgage Lifter'.

To grow tomatoes in the hotter months of the year, pick a heat-tolerant cultivar like 'Heat Wave II'. Most cherry tomatoes will also set fruit in the heat, including the variety 'Sweet 100'.

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'Green Zebra' tomato
Green Zebra tomato. Photo by Cliff Hutson

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