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Preparing for Garden Renovation

Our landscapes are not static. Over time, they change and
our needs change. Older plants outgrow their space, while others just aren't thriving. Large, open lawns for play may not be needed any longer as children become older, or perhaps you're thinking about adding a patio for entertaining.

For any project, it's best to start with a plan before you head for the stores. First decide what you want to change. Do you want to enhance or screen a view? Add to the value of your home? Make a play area for your children or entertain guests outdoors? Your landscape can serve many purposes.

Have your soil pH-tested. How acidic or alkaline it is will influence which plants thrive. Walk around the yard and take note of the conditions in your landscape, like where it's shady and where paved areas are. Decide which plants will remain in the new landscape and which should go.

Combine all the information you've gleaned into a site analysis. This drawing will help you plot out where new plantings should go.

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