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Conserving Water in 2009 and Beyond

Much of Florida is experiencing dry conditions now, but water conservation is important all the time. Nearly 1,000 people move to Florida every day, and as the population grows, our water demands increase, too.

Florida Drought Conditions

Parts of Florida, including South and Southwest Florida, are currently experiencing drought conditions. Groundwater levels and surface water levels continue to decline, much of the state is under water restrictions and there is increased risk of wildfires.

The NOAA Climate Prediction Center is predicting that the drought will continue and perhaps intensify. NOAA officials also expect the drought to expand into Central and North Florida as well.

Check the Florida Drought Center, part of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, for updated current conditions. Or monitor the drought through US. Drought Monitor. Drought conditions are updated every Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

What Can I Do?

Water conservation is always important. The Web site Conserving Water – Solutions for Your Landscape has a wealth of knowledge on being water wise during a drought or water shortage. Here are just a few:

Where Can I Get More Conservation Information?

County Extension Offices

Talk with your local horticulture agent or a Master Gardener volunteer for more ways that you can conserve water in your landscape. Find your county Extension office.

UF/IFAS Extension: Solutions For Your Life

The UF/IFAS Extension Web site has lots of information about conserving water, firewise landscaping, and other drought-related topics.

Florida Water Management Districts

Check with your local water management district for watering regulations in your area:



Written by:

Sarah Graddy
Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology

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