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Mowing Safety

June is National Safety Month, and for good reason. Summer brings out the lawn mower, and every year thousands of people are treated for lawn mower-related injuries. The majority of those treated were children and the elderly. Luckily, it only takes a few simple steps to protect yourself—and your family—from injury.

Mowers are powerful machines with sharp blades, and they warrant careful handling. The most important thing you can do for mower safety is to read your owner's manual. Wear fitted clothes and sturdy shoes. Eye and ear protection are always a good idea.

Clear the lawn of debris that could be thrown by the mower, like sticks and pine cones, and mow only when the grass is dry.

Keep children out of the yard when you're mowing. Shut off the mower before adjusting or cleaning the blade, and allow the mower to cool before refueling.

Never carry passengers on a riding mower, and shut off the engine before stepping off your mower.


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