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Soil Health

Soil health is a key factor to the success of your garden. Healthy soil is alive, full of active microorganisms, most of which are invisible to the naked eye. It's only with these organisms that soil can produce plants.

Healthy soil is loose, holds moisture, and has an adequate supply of plant nutrients. But the typical Florida landscape has sandy soils that are low in nutrients and dry out quickly. Plus, many homes are built on fill soil that has been compacted by construction.

Improving soil health is easy. Loosen compacted soil with a pitchfork or tiller, or use an aerator to add oxygen for roots. To further improve soil conditions, incorporate organic matter like composted manures, compost, or worm castings into planting beds before you plant.

Soil health is improved over time, so you can look forward to reaping the benefits of your efforts for years to come.


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