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Choosing the Right Crapemyrtle

With so many cultivars on the market, how do you choose the right crapemyrtle?

Start by thinking about how much space you have and what flower color you want. It's also smart to choose a disease-resistant cultivar that's known to perform well in Florida.

For small spaces, try a dwarf or semi-dwarf cultivar. 'Chickasaw' creates a dense, three-foot bush covered with lavender-pink flowers. 'Acoma' is a white-flowering cultivar that has beautiful, weeping branches and reaches just over 10 feet tall. It's also resistant to powdery mildew.

If you have more space, try growing 'Comanche', a coral-flowering intermediate cultivar that grows 20 feet tall, or 'Miami', a 35-foot-tall selection that produces dark pink flowers.


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