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FFL Principle 2: Water Efficiently

There are nine principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping, and Principle #2 is Water Efficiently. Even plants in the right place will sometimes need supplemental watering. Unfortunately, many homeowners overwater.

Overwatering does more than deplete the water supply. It also makes plants prone to pests and adds to stormwater runoff, which pollutes our water resources.

Don't let the calendar tell you when to irrigate. Look to your plants for telltale signs of water need. Water your lawn only when at least half of it shows wilt. For landscape beds, consider using micro-irrigation systems to put water only where you need it.

If you have an irrigation system, make sure it's working properly and not watering paved areas.

By choosing drought-tolerant, Florida-Friendly plants and watering correctly, you can reduce water bills, insect and disease problems, and maintenance requirements.


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