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Out of all the "creature comforts" you can offer the birds in your landscape, water is the most important.

Select a shallow basin that has a rough surface and gently sloping sides, so birds will have sure footing. You can choose either a ground-level or a pedestal-style basin. Ground-level basins mimic natural water sources but can leave birds at risk.

Placed in a shady spot, your birdbath provides our feathered friends with a place to rest, drink, and bathe. Place the basin away from shrubs, since predators can hide there. The best spot is near a tree, so that birds can make a quick getaway.

Place your birdbath near a garden hose so it's easy to fill. Every ten days or so, scrub the basin with a mild bleach solution. Dirty birdbaths can spread lethal diseases among birds.

The sound of moving water attracts birds, so add some to give birds extra incentive to visit.


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