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Get a look inside the minds and gardens of UF/IFAS staff and horticulture experts.

UF/CLCE image UF Gardening YouTube Channel
UFGardening is brought to you by the University of Florida Center for Landscape Conservation & Ecology. Our channel has several gardening and landscaping videos to help you, all backed by research from the University of Florida.
Miami-Dade Logo Green Yards Miami
A blog for South Florida homeowners and gardeners, promoting and teaching Florida-Friendly landscaping for more sustainable and beautiful yards. Green Yards Miami is maintained by the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program of the Miami-Dade County Extension Service.
Your Florida Lawn logo Your Florida Lawn - YouTube Channel
The latest lawn-care information to guide homeowners through all the steps needed to achieve that healthy, beautiful, Florida-friendly lawn. Associate professor and urban turfgrass specialist Dr. Laurie Trenholm discusses issues like waterfront lawn care, how to calibrate your irrigation system, and region-specific maintenance.
Doug Caldwell South Florida Lawn and Landscape Problems - YouTube Channel
Doug Caldwell is the Commercial Landscape Extension Agent in Collier County. He holds a Ph.D. in entomology, is a certified arborist, and is a Florida Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP). He has over 20 years experience in the green industry.
Stephen Brown Florida Landscape YouTube Channel
Stephen Brown, Commercial and Home Garden Horticulture agent for the Lee County Extension Office, takes an amusing yet informative look at a wide arrary of landscape issues that affect Florida, including invasive species, plant disease, and garden pests.
Florida Master Gardener logo Florida Master Gardener Program
Keep updated with what's happening in the state program, get in-depth information on featured plants, learn about upcoming events of interest to both Master Gardeners and gardening enthusiasts, and more.
Hillsborough County logo Hillsborough Extension Garden Blog
Written by Marina D'Abreau, residential horticulture extension agent and Master Gardener coordinator for Hillsborough County Extension, this blog serves to help residents with their gardening and landscaping problems.
FYN logo Polk County Florida Yards & Neighborhoods
This blog encourages and educates Polk County Residents on the nine principles of a Florida-friendly landscape, addressing topics like pollution in stormwater runoff, water shortages and disappearing habitats, and what can be done about it.
Orange County Master Gardener logo Orange County Master Gardener
The Orange County Master Gardeners share information in their blog for Central Florida homeowners interested in caring for their gardens and landscapes in a Florida-Friendly way.