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Urban Landscape Summit 

March 23, 2016
UF/IFAS Straughn Extension Professional Development Center
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

The 2016 UF/IFAS Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology Urban Landscape Summit featured presentations of applied research or extension projects pertaining to urban landscape issues in Florida. Topics included water, landscape management, urban pest issues, social issues, economics, and more. 


County Faculty Presentations

  1. My Brevard Yard for the Protection of the Indian River Lagoon
    Sally Scalera, Matt Lenhardt, and Linda Seals, Brevard County
  2. The Miami-Dade Adopt-A-Tree Reforestation Program
    Adrian Hunsberger, Miami-Dade County
  3. Extension Demonstration Gardens: Planning, Design, and Implementation
    Lisa Hickey, Manatee County
  4. Key Factors for Success in Stormwater Pond Restoration
    Taryn Sudol, Seminole County
  5. Breaking the Cycle of Low Urban Tree Diversity – An Interdisciplinary, Consensus-driven Approach from Florida (United States)
    Robert Northrop, Hillsborough County and Andrew Koeser, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center
  6. Tree Stewards: Training Volunteers in Urban Forestry
    Larry Figart, Duval County

Master's Students Poster Presentations

  1. Landscape Irrigation Patterns as Influenced by Smart Irrigation Controllers
    Eliza Breder, Michael Dukes, Stacia Davis, Gainesville
  2. Exploring the Impact and Spread of Turfgrass Summer Fertilizer Blackout Ordinances
    Christopher Ryan, Bryan Uhruh, West Florida Research and Extension Center; Alexa Lamm, Kevin Kenworthy, Laurie Trenholm, John Erickson, Gainesville
  3. Relationship between Perceived and Actual Occupancy Rates in Urban Settings
    Ryan Klein, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center
  4. Effects Of Treatment Of Bark Mulch With Insecticide On Arthropod Populations Next To Homes
    Dallin Ashby, Philip Koehler, Roberto Pereira, and Rebecca Baldwin, Gainesville
  5. Does Size Really Matter? Responses of Neotropical Migrant Birds to Fragmented Landscapes
    Jan-Michael Archer, Juan David Amaya-Espinel, Mark Hostetler, Gainesville

Ph.D. Students Poster Presentations

  1. A Tale of Two Regions: How Residential Irrigation Differs Between Tampa Bay and Orange County and What Does That Mean for Conservation
    Mackenzie Boyer, Michael Dukes, Gainesville
  2. Values-Beliefs-Norms Theory as a Means of Measuring Pro-Environmental Behavior Change for Florida-Friendly Landscaping Extension Programs
    Taylor Clem, Gail Hansen, Gainesville
  3. Assessing Residents' Need for Clean and Plentiful Water Using Importance Performance Analysis
    Anil Kumar Chaudhary, Laura Warner, Gainesville
  4. Improving Disease Resistance in Ornamental Plants for Urban Landscape Use
    Krishna Bhattarai, Weining Wang, Zhanao Deng, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center
  5. Understanding the Rooting Parameters of Warm Season Turfgrass Species
    Bobby Kerr, Bryan Unruh, West Florida Research and Extension Center; Jason Kruse, Gainesville
  6. Longitudinal Evolution of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Bioavailability from Freshwater to Estuarine Ecosystem
    Siti Jariani Mohd Jani, Gurpal Toor, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center

Post-Doctorate Poster Presentations

  1. Smart Water Application Technologies: A Review of Multi-study Results
    Bernardo Cardenas, Michael Dukes, Gainesville

State Specialists Presentations

  1. Why do we Adopt Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care? Evidence from Do-It-Yourself Consumers
    Dong Hee Suh, Hayk Khachatryan, Mid-Florida Research and Education Center
  2. Managing Pests in the Landscape: Is it Necessary?
    Catherine Mannion, Tropical Research and Education Center
  3. Forecasting the Effects of Heat and Pests on Urban Trees
    Adam Dale, Gainesville
  4. Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Smart Controllers in Residential Landscape Irrigation (will be available at a later date through an academic journal)
    Hayk Khachatryan, Mid-Florida Research and Education Center
  5. Crapemyrtle Bark Scale: A Major New Pest Spreading Across the Southeast
    Gary Knox, North Florida Research and Education Center
  6. How Do People Who Use Landscape Irrigation Differ from the General Public?
    Laura Warner, Alexa Lamm, Gainesville
  7. Planting Design for Urban Stormwater Ponds: Optimizing Visual Quality and Water Quality
    Gail Hansen, Shangchun Hu, Paul Monaghan, Gainesville
  8. Urban Horticulture Mobile Applications: Smart References for Your Smart Phone
    Sydney Park Brown, Andrew Koeser, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center; Steven Arthurs, Mid-Florida Research and Education Center
  9. Rose Rosette Disease: Threats to Landscape Roses and Latest Updates on UF Research
    Gary Knox, Mathews Paret , Binoy Babu, North Florida Research Education and Center
  10. Using Social Marketing Research to Foster Behavior Change Among Residents on Stormwater Ponds
    Paul Monaghan, Emily Ott, Maria Morera, Gainesville
  11. Species and Media Effects on Soil Carbon Dynamics in the Landscape: Opportunities for Climate Change Mitigation from Urban Landscape Plantings
    Chris Marble, Mid-Florida Research and Education Center; Stephen Prior, Brett Runion, Allen Torbert, USDA-ARS National Soil Dynamics Laboratory, Auburn; Charles Gilliam, Auburn University
  12. Sources and Evolution of Nitrate-Nitrogen in Urban Stormwater Runoff
    Gurpal Toor, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center